Johnny B.’s Advanced Clipper Cutting Class uses the clipper-over-comb technique to make cutting hair easy and uniform. Our class covers every subject from start to finish, including all the uses for clippers, blending evenly, and styling! You will walk out of this class confidently knowing how to apply the techniques you just learned. This course will also feature a brief product knowledge segment demonstrating how Johnny B. products can be used as tools!


Johnny B. Educator

Gabriel “GQ” Quinones

No matter where Gabriel “GQ” Quiñones travels take him as a Johnny B educator, he always finds his center in his hometown of La Puente, CA. He played sports at the local park and attended the local high school so it’s no surprise in 2007 he opened his barbershop GQ Cuts in the community he grew up in.

When Quiñones isn’t in his shop, he’s usually on stage speaking about the things he’s experienced in the industry and the skills he’s acquired developing his craft. As an educator and platform artist for Johnny B since 2010, he teaches and participates in major trade shows throughout the United States and Canada.

Known for his ability to evolve hair into its full potential, Quiñones’ work has been featured in print and on television as he worked alongside various celebrities and recording artists. He went on tour with LMFAO as the group’s lead hairdresser and watched his role expand to their music videos and promotional marketing.

Quiñones’ credits the relationships he has built throughout his career as his motivation and keys to his success. The foundation of a solid team in his shop allows him the opportunity to remain passionate about education while the men and women of his community provide the personal connection he craves.