Join us for a conversation about identifying guest blonding expectations, The tools required to get there, and the techniques that will speed up the process. We’ll discuss how to incorporate pre booking take home and treatment to increase your salon revenue and maximize guest loyalty


Colin Caruso

Colin Caruso started coloring hair as a way to express himself at just 12 years old. He recognized early on that walking around with different color hair attracted others who were like-minded, and the teen skateboarder coloring his friends’ hair at home in the basement turned his hobby into a career. Colin has traveled the world as an international platform artist and educator, built up his own business at Salon CARU, and been part of the JPMSTM family for over 10 years.

Paula Peralta

Los Angeles Based Curly Hair Expert, Colorist and Artistic Director, @hairbypaulaperalta combines her experiences as a successful salon owner, craft hairdresser and passionate educator to empower hairdressers worldwide.

A Paul Mitchell School graduate, today Paula travels the world sharing the successes and possibilities available as a salon professional. Her passion for education and love of people allows her to connect, whether one-on-one behind the chair, on social media or on stage. With a passion for hair color and styling, Paula is always looking to translate the latest trends into beautiful looks that create a harmony between artistry and the reality of what consumers want and need from their hairdresser.

What does a typical day look like for Paula?

For Paula, every day is filled with opportunity and hope. Her formula for success combines dedicating time to develop both personal and professional knowledge and skills. She seeks creative inspiration in the arts, through meditation, cooking and reading, a typical day combining all those things and applying them to her passion: creating artistic and business-building concepts to help salon professionals be successful.