Ivan Zoot, or ClipperGuy, shares his greatest hits of clipper-over-comb cutting for short, tight and tapered haircuts. Clipper-over-comb cutting is a skill that can be used every day and on many different hairstyles and clients. Further, Ivan will demonstrate various scissor and blending scissor-over-comb techniques to round out your over-comb skill set. To conclude the course, Ivan shares some clipper care and maintenance tips to help extend the life of your tools.

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Ivan Zoot

Are you ready to become a $100,000 haircutter? Ivan can help you get there. He shares technical cutting, business building and career success education at trade shows and events, in books and on video, and at schools and in salons. Ivan’s education is fun to watch, easy to follow and simple to implement in achieving your goals and seeing your hopes, dreams and future in pro beauty come to life.

President and CEO of Zootcuts Inc. 1997 - Present

Trainer, coach, mentor, educator with over 30 years of presentation experience.

Breaker of three Guinness World haircutting Records. World’s fastest haircut, Most haircuts in one hour, Most haircuts in 24 hours. 1998, 2008.

Founder of Zootcuts Family Hair Center, Chicago IL – A popular community haircut destination delivering over 300 haircuts daily.

Author of 11 books including the “ClipperGuy Says” series, Be a $100,000 Haircutter and 100X100, 100 New haircut Clients in 100 Days.

Inventor holding patents for unique beauty tools and haircutting techniques and systems.

Creator of the ClipperGuy hair care product line. Licensed to John Amico professional hair care.

Licensed cosmetologist
Licensed barber
Certified personal fitness trainer

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